Leadership makes the difference

Chicago is a great city but there is untapped potential. We want to gather and mobilize leaders to understand our greatness, understand our potential and work together for the well-being of our city.

When there are leaders who take their role seriously and fully apply themselves, the organizations they lead will flourish. When organizations flourish, the city around them benefits. We want to see the city of Chicago flourish. We believe that together we can realize the potential of this city, its citizens and its ideas.

Change a Life, Change a Team, Change a Family, Change a Community

You Are...

very busy, you are successful, you are a good leader who is always looking to improve

You appreciate...

being part of a community of Chicago leaders who “have your back”

You believe in...

servant leadership and anything that delivers bottom line results is worth exploring


Here is how you can get involved...


Where change begins… Join a group of senior leaders as they walk through the Serving Leadership program. This is an integrated leadership curriculum, based upon the international bestseller, The Serving Leader. Led by author and global expert in servant leadership, Dr. John Stahl-Wert.


Gatherings are for leaders who are participants in the Serving Leadership Cohort program or are interested making a difference in their community.

  • “The Serving Leader cohort has given me insight and confidence in both my work and family life. The practical application of servant leadership has been a brilliantly simple revelation, and will be something I continue to work towards on a daily basis.”

    - — Cohort Member — -
  • I see Servant Leadership in a whole new way. It's real, it's practical and it's making a difference in my company.

    - — Leadership: Chicago 2014 Participant — -
  • This is one of the most useful learning opportunities I’ve been part of. When the breakthrough goals of our cohort are completed, the world will be a better place because of these exceptional leaders.

    - — Leadership: Chicago 2014 Participant — -

Chicago Edition of The Serving Leader

To get your custom copy of the Chicago Edition of The Serving Leader, please email us at...

Breakthrough Goals

At the conclusion of each cohort, there is a presentation of Breakthrough Goals. The 2014 Cohort had awe inspiring visions; to be bold by holding...

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